Dear Half Boyfriend,

Even though there’s nothing dear about your existence in my life anymore, I’m not going to forget my manners.

Or maybe I will.

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I received your text late last night. Like always. ‘You up?’, it said. LIKE ALWAYS.

I saw it but this time, I chose not to respond.

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Do you want to know why?

Because it’s time I put my foot down. To make sure you stop taking me for granted.

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I can almost hear you saying, ‘I never took you for granted. I was always very clear about everything right from the beginning.’

And you know what I feel like doing after I hear you say that every damn time?

I feel like shutting the door on your face and asking you to never return.

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Guess what? I’ve done that too, like 5-6 times now? But you always come crawling back to me. 

No no, you definitely don’t take me for ‘granted’.

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The blame is on me too, I let you. But I guess I’ve had some sort of awakening that if I don’t stop this now, I’ll always be stuck in this loop with you.

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You say you’re emotionally unavailable and I should understand that.

You know what? I actually did understand and that is why I chose to not get involved with you but you were so persistent in making yourself a part of my life that I eventually gave in.

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I’m human, after all.

At first, you made sure you kept it as casual as possible but then I guess you lost the plot too.

You needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to rant to and I was dumb enough to let you just because I just have this need to be the ‘nice one’.

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You’d call me whenever you were having a hard time, show up at my house drunk late in the night because you couldn’t go home like that.

And like a fool, I always had your back.

Now, before you put the blame on me and say, ‘You had the option of saying no’, let me remind you that I did say no. Multiple times. But then I had to do the whole song and dance about how you need me because you don’t have anybody else and if I don’t help you, who will?

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‘WE ARE FRIENDS AFTER ALL!’ Something you said so often, you conditioned me into buying that load of crap.

If we were friends, you wouldn’t have played me the way you did. You can’t expect someone to give you the benefits of a romantic companionship on the promise of friendship.'

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I’m sorry, MY FRIEND but it doesn’t work that way.

Also, a relationship or friendship can only be successful if both the people help each other out. Not when you talk and talk about what bothers you but when it’s time for me to vent out, you’re nowhere to be found.

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You don't need a friend. You need help. I’m done babysitting you.


The girl who's tired of your crap