We may still be called a developing nation but when it comes to cleaning our asses after a poo, we're far ahead of countries using toilet paper to get that stubborn poop out.

Source: wildnest.in

So, one American guy, completely clueless about the presence of a jet spray inside the bathroom, thought that it was for quenching his thirst while being seated on a commode! 

And as expected, Twitter came together to teach him. But not before having a good laugh at his naivety!

People laughed and wondered if he was joking and then laughed some more

Some even suggested new ways of using the hand bidet!

Like taking a bath!

Or brushing teeth!


Tweeple even took a dig at tissue papers!

And finally, some decided to burst his bubble and told him the actual usage of a hand bidet aka jet spray!

We don't know whether Dean was joking or he actually had no idea about hand bidet, either way, Twitter had fun and so did we!