We remember the internet exploding when Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for the best actor for The Revenant. You would think that after all these years and all those great films, the actor's name had finally become immortal in the annals of history. Surely nothing could have topped that moment. 

Source: Zimbio

Until now. Recently Caprio's Inception and The Revenant co-star Tom Hardy was pictured with a fan and the most noteworthy thing about that picture is a tattoo that says "Leo Knows All". 

Source: The Sun

According to Time, the tattoo is the result of a bet that Hardy lost. Apparently, Caprio was sure that Hardy would get a Best Supporting Actor nomination for The Revenant, something which Tom thought wasn't gonna happen. 

Source: Whatsontv

And hence a bet was placed. Tom Hardy might have taken some time to honour it, but it appears that he did.