The lack of privacy in our society is concerning, and we constantly come across parents who find it normal to violate their kids’ privacy. A teenager talked about this violation on Reddit, while sharing his father’s reasons for installing a CCTV camera in his room.

Source: Reddit

The Redditor shared that one night he was ‘caught’ playing video games (after 3 hours of studying). And this made his father think that plays video games every night. On his birthday, he was playing again, because well, it was his birthday. But his father reacted by putting up a CCTV camera, two days later. Parents often leave children with no space, and there’s no proper explanation it – other than the very common comeback that they’re our parents.

He also added that he always scores above 90% and is one of the top 10 students at school. This is also a common notion where children are forced into believing that they deserve to rest or reward themselves, only when they’re ‘winning the race’. And so, our society ends up blaming leisure and glorifying hustle culture.

In any case, installing a CCTV is problematic on a lot of levels. And there’s no way that we can justify this action. Redditors are questioning the father’s parenting.

Parenting should also come with a sensitivity training.