The internet never fails to surprise us, every time we think that we’ve ‘seen everything’, it moves on to the next big thing. It’s a vicious circle. 

So, here’s a statement I never thought I’d write – people have been using semen for a lot of things (weirdly), including facials and smoothies(?) Because, gone are the days when sperms were only used for procreation, that’s so 2010. 

Now, jeweler and sculptor Amanda Booth is creating jewelry and trinkets made out of semen. Yes. People send their samples to her workshop, where they’re dehydrated, powdered, and turned into wearable accessories and pearls. All of this started in 2021, when someone asked if she’d consider using “man juices”. Amanda Booth then made a half-joking post about it, calling it “jizzy jewellery”, and well, people took it seriously. 


She tested the process with her husband’s sample first, and started taking orders soon. For most customers, it’s a kink, while for others it’s about the sentiment — to celebrate fertility, or for people who’re going through cancer treatment. Booth also shared a TikTok video about making the “jizzy pieces” and it went viral, so much so, that according to her, it blew up her DMs. Clearly, people love the idea.

Who knew there was so much more to semen?