A doctor could write lyrics to a song or their grocery list on the notepad, and we’d think of it as prescription – because, who knows, we can’t really read it. It’s quite literally a fact that doctors do not have readable handwriting, mostly it feels like some code that only pharmacists can decipher. But, it looks like someone bashed THIS stereotype.

Source: Write Choice

Dr Nithin Narayanan is a pediatrician at a Community Health Centre, in Palakkad. He has actually surprised people with his neat handwriting, so much so, that his prescription has gone viral. The doctor writes in block letters which are not only readable but neater than any prescription you’d have come across.

“I know about the complaints about doctors’ handwriting being unreadable. Maybe because I love to write, I write my prescriptions in block letters. The other doctors write illegibly because maybe they are busy. I try my best to write prescriptions legibly even when I’m busy.”

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On being asked about his handwriting, and the fact that his prescriptions are viral, he shared that his sister made him write in four-lined notebooks. He added that he likes writing, and hence writes the prescriptions in block letters, as well. Clearly, cursive writing lessons pay off.

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Doctors with good handwriting – sounds like a superpower.