Rules and all are fine as long as they make sense. But, imagine being told not to do normal things, without a reason. Well, that does happen a lot, so it’s not quite something to imagine, you’d know. At times we come across weird rules at public spaces, schools and so on, and probably that’s how we end up hating them. 

In other news, we’ve now seen everything, after a sign-board in a park literally asked people to not walk in anti-clock wise direction. Before you think that you found a loop-hole, and consider RUNNING anti-clockwise, it already says ‘no running’. Yes. 

The sign was spotted in a park at Bangalore, and was placed by BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). 

Of course, rules bring a sense of order, but that shouldn’t mean that they can lack basic valid reasoning. I’m not saying break them and run, or walk anti-clockwise, I’d just like to know the ‘why’. It’s like Dolores Umbridge all over again. 

Naturally, the internet didn’t take it well.  

A lot of people, however, had the humour intact. Of course it came out in the form of sarcastic, passive-aggressive comments. 

The world is already a weird place, and then we come across random signs like these. I mean, people literally organized a meeting to stop anti-clockwise walkers.