People from across the country move to Delhi for work purposes. The capital city of India accommodates everyone. Your lifestyle here will vary depending on how much money you earn. 

Here’s what you can afford in Delhi with a salary of ₹25,000 per month.

1. Accommodation: Upto ₹10,000/month

From luxury to budget, there are a lot of accommodation options in Delhi NCR. You can choose a home for yourself depending on your budget. When your salary is around ₹25,000/month, you can choose to rent an accommodation under ₹10k/month.

You can get a sharing room in PGs for around ₹3,000-5000 per month including food in non-posh areas like Uttam Nagar and Rohini. This may or may not include food depending on the other amenities provided.

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If you are looking forward to living in South Delhi, a decent PG accommodation will cost you between ₹8,000-12,000 on sharing basis.


If you are one of those who want privacy and cannot settle for a PG, you can rent a 1 BHK but will have to compromise a little with the location. 

You can get 1 BHK in areas like Uttam Nagar and Rohini for ₹5,000-7,000. It won’t be possible for you to rent a 1 BHK or a single room in an independent flat in South Delhi at such low prices.


2. Transport: At least ₹3,000/month

After spending on rent, let’s see what kind of transport you can afford in Delhi. If you have rented a place far from your office, travelling by the metro will be quite economical. You can also choose to commute by the DTC buses. They service almost all the areas across Delhi.

For instance, if you are travelling from Central Secretariat to Uttam Nagar East, the fare is ₹40 which is quite reasonable. 

This means that the average monthly commute by the metro will come to somewhere around ₹3,000-4,000.


DTC buses are even cheaper. You pay ₹15 for distances between 4 km to 8 km for AC buses.

The average monthly commute by DTC buses will come to somewhere around ₹2,000.

You can check the rate chart here.

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If you use cabs for longer distances, it can get a bit expensive for you and you will shell out a lot of money on commute.

One way commute from Gurgaon to Delhi can cost you a maximum of ₹500-600 by Ola, Uber, etc. So, expect to spend somewhere around ₹100-500 every day by on cabs.

This amounts to a monthly average of ₹7,000-8,000.


If you own a two or three-wheeler, you can consider using your personal vehicle for transport for short distances. The price of petrol in Delhi is around ₹100-101/litre.

This brings the minimum monthly average to around ₹4,000-5,000.

3. Groceries: Upto ₹3,000/month

Groceries will include milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and other items. A litre of milk costs around ₹53 in Delhi and the price of 12 eggs is ₹60. The rates of groceries remains almost the same in every other city.


Estimates suggest that the expenditure for groceries and other household stuff for a family in Delhi can be around ₹5,000-10,000 whereas the same for a bachelor can be around ₹3,000-4,000.

4. Food: Upto ₹4,000/month

Decent tiffin services in Delhi start from ₹80 per meal. So, if you choose to eat from them your average monthly expenses on food will be around ₹4,000-5000.


If you hire the services of a cook, you will end up paying more. They charge upwards of ₹3,500 per month for a 3 course meal depending on the number of members and type of food.

5. Electricity: Upto ₹2,000/month

Electricity forms a major component of utilities. At the moment, electricity rates in Delhi for domestic consumers start at ₹3 per unit for consumption of up to 200 units, going up to ₹4.50 per unit for 200-400 units and the rates increase with consumption of units.

If you are living alone, expect to pay around ₹1,000 per month for electricity. If you use an AC, the expenses will increase and your electricity bills can go up to ₹2,000.


6. Cooking Gas: Upto ₹1000/month

An LPG cylinder will cost you ₹800-1000. It will easily last for 2 months if you are cooking for one or two people.


7. WiFi: Upto ₹1,000/month

Other charges incurred on the Internet depend on the connection you opt. You can get a decent WiFi connection at ₹1,000 per month in Delhi.

8. Water: Upto ₹200/month

Average water bills in Delhi is around ₹200 per month.


9. Eating out: At least ₹1000/month

The average cost of eating out at a good place for two people in Delhi is ₹1220. So, if you are going out 4-5 times a month, you will spend ₹4,000-5,000 every month. It’s a privelege you can enjoy only if you save enough money.

Meal for two at a mid-range restuarant in Delhi will cost you ₹500 onwards.


10. Miscellaneous: At least ₹1,000/month

Other expenses include those incurred on shopping and entertainment. One time visit to a mall or theatre will cost you at least ₹1,000.


11. Savings

After meeting all these expenses, if you are still left with cash, that’s your savings for the month.

Of the ₹25,000 that you earn, you will need at least (7,000 + 3,000 + 3,000 + 2,000 + 1,000) ₹16,000 – 20,000 for your monthly expenses to survive in Delhi.

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