It’s officially the steal-your-boyfriend’s-hoodie season. It has triggered women who love to buy clothes and other stuff from the men’s section owing to the cost and comfort that come with those items. We came across a similar Reddit thread where women are discussing what and why they usually buy from the section on the other side!

1. “Razors.”

2. “A bunch of clothes, actually. Flannels, jeans, coats are all thicker and more durable than women’s versions.”

3. “A lot of women find that men’s deodorant works a lot better for them too.”

4. “Blazers!

I have big upper arms and it’s cheaper to get a men’s blazers tailored than to buy a woman’s that fits my arms and then tailored.”

5. “Sweatpants – men’s are thicker, warmer, and have more & bigger pockets!”

6. “Jeans with pockets!! My SO and I wear the same size so I’ve stolen all his clothes.”

–  tsj48

7. “Plain t-shirts, especially if you’re plus size.”

8. “I buy men’s pants, overalls, sweatshirts, tee shirts, jackets, BOOTS, belts, almost everything.”

9. “Flannels. Then they’re actually oversized enough to put over sweatshirts.”

10. “Hoodies. Women hoodies are not made to last, they’re made to be fashionable. I have a men’s hoodie and had it for seven years: the colour is fading but except for the hood, it’s in great condition.”

11. “Pajamas. A pack of fruit of the loom boxers are comfy to sleep in and I can get a pack of 4-6 of them for cheaper than a pair those ‘cute’ sleep boxers from the women’s section.”

12. “Tank tops to wear underneath shorter tops, lots of colors, snug fit, longer so sit around hips.”

13. “Button up ‘dress’ shirts. I used to work in food service and had to wear a white or black button up shirt as part of my uniform. It’s nearly impossible to find these shirts in a women’s version and if you do find them they don’t tuck in to pants very well.”

14. “Running shoes! It’s the variety, support and comfort for me… also the durability smh.”

15. “That beard removing powder thing.

My legs so smooth and hair doesn’t grow back for a lot longer.”

16. “Work out clothing. I work out in men’s shorts because they have actual pockets and are a lot more comfortable to move around in.”

17. “Socks. They are thicker, and cheaper!”

These and what more?