No matter how old we get, it's hard to look at a friend's collectible toy stash and not want your own. The great thing is, most of us now have the money to buy the toys we so desperately wanted as kids. So live it up!

1. R2-D2 Sphero App Enabled Droid

Apart from being able to control every bit of R2 with your phone, he's also great to watch the Star Wars movies with! Happy Bleep-Bloops. 

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Source: Coolstuff

2. This Giant Pillow Bed Thing

It doesn't get luxuriously lazier than a giant suede bean bag cover you can fill up with beans. Just thinking about plopping down on one of these after a long day feels good.

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Source: Pinterest

3. Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Literally the coolest thing on this list. Convert a boring old paper plane into a high-flying thing of beauty.

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Source: Fatbraintoys

4. A Pair of Bum Shorts

Moon people the right way,

Get your big ol' bum shorts, today!

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Source: Amazon

5. Lego Ghostbusters Set

Apart from the 4 original movie characters, this set's even got the converted hearse! Truly a collector's item.

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Source: Wikia

6. Cards Against Humanity

There's few things as fun as getting loaded and playing the ultimate card game for horrible people.

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Source: Smudgedlipstick

7. Nerf Rival Nemesis Blaster

This 100-round destroyer lets you declare all-out war with your friends, enemies, kids and girlfriends.

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Source: Nerf

8. Hedwig's Theme - Hand Cranked Musical Box

One of the most magical collectible items any fan could could have in their home.

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Source: Inveniocrafts

9. Tetris Stackable LED Desk-lamp

Lava lamps are cool and all, but these desk lamps are interactive to boot!

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Source: Thisiswhyimbroke

10. A Fidget Cube

If you're an antsy, anxious, worryied mess like the rest of us, get one of these!

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Source: Dudeiwantthat

11. A Finger Skateboard

You know that point in your life where you don't give a fuck anymore? That's when you get one of these bad boys.

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Source: Amazon

12. A Shot Glass Thela (Bar Trolley)

Roll up in style with this little bling for the bar.

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Source: Ekdodhai

13. Mini Trampoline Shoes

Ok, scratch that - these are the coolest cats on the list. They support weights up to 72 kg, so you can hop your way to juvenile heaven.

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Source: Sweetpetescandy

14. A Cream Scented Poop Squishie

The perfect gift for for that crush who'll never love you back.

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Source: Aliexpress

15. A Beer Drinking Hat

Channel your inner Homer Simpson (inner alcoholic sounds too dark) with this novelty item!

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Source: Boozinggear

16. Indoor Golf Set

'Putt' your buddies in their place with this nifty little indoor golf game.

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Source: Ibmeye

17. Marvel Masterpiece Iron Man Figure

This figurine really is one of a kind, with a remarkable likeness to Tony Stark and a plethora of add-ons.

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Source: Sideshowtoy

18. Mini Foosball Table

You can't go wrong with foosball.

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Source: Foosball

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