Pretty much every morning we wake up to the blaring of horns, blocked roads, endless traffic jams and road squabbles in cities. Delhi and Bangalore, among other metropolitan cities are notorious for their traffic snarls with Delhi being on the top spot for highest recorded road deaths.  

A video posted on Reddit that's going viral on the internet shows a different state of affairs in Mizoram with people adhering to traffic rules even without the presence of traffic police. Cars neatly follow a line on the left of the lane, while two-wheelers drive in a line on the right side. 

Watch the video here:

Even though the road has cars parked on the left side, traffic remains smooth and without hassle, which in other cities would have resulted in a massive traffic jam. Though it can be argued that cities would have more people with cars, but if everyone emulated the example here we might just get that hassle-free drive to work. 

Maybe it's time to learn a lesson from Mizoram.