Don't talk to strangers.

We've grown up listening to that piece of treasured advice that our elders have been giving us since forever. But sometimes, strangers are all you need to escape the harsh reality of your life. The chances of that happening are doubled if you're stuck with one in the middle of nowhere. And I mean, absolutely NOWHERE!

The Mountain Between Us brings a story of two strangers stranded on an isolated snow-clad mountain after their plane crashes. Starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, the film promises a solid star cast with a hauntingly-exciting story line.

Source: Dark Horizons

Based on Charles Martin's novel by the same name, this film traces the path of two people who combat near-death weather conditions after incurring major injuries. 

While the wilderness crumbles their chances of survival with every passing hour, the perils seem to sow the seed of love. 

Will they survive it all? 

Watch the trailer:

The film is scheduled for release on 20th October.