The snow sends chills down the spine, but not just because it’s cold. But because of how strikingly beautiful it is. Here we have Kashmir, with it’s first snowfall of 2019, covering the land with thick snow. 

You may enter the land of snow.

A Chinar leaf welcoming you with some colour to the land of paradise.

Along with the pink complimenting the stark whiteness of the snow.

Imagine waking up to this. 

From mountains to the small rocks, the snow covered it all.

India Today
India Today

Shahr-e-Khas, the heart of Srinagar

You have the emerald of the trees, peeking from the white. A true vision of glory.

A white, marshmallow candy-land.

The unreal mountains that back the land.

The white haze of the snow.

BBC News Tamil

Snow socks for the branches.

BBC News Tamil

Covering the trees and the houses one snowflake at a time.


Train to snow-land.

Shikara in the midst of the frozen water.


Make way.

Staring into oblivion.

Snowfall calls for activities in the snow!

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The daily chores don’t stop!

The Kashmir Walla
The Kashmir Walla

Sun and snow. Co-existence.