We are a generation of picture crazy peeps. From photographing morning tea to the night sky, we do it all.

Greek army man Anthimos Ntagkas, tried street photography according to a report and there was no turning back for him.

Check out these 30 pictures-

1. Can that tattoo be any scarier?

2. Old age goals

3. Drunk or Sleepy?

4. This can be a meme-field.

5. Gladiator working at home

6. What you wish for Vs What you get

7. Imitation games

8. Comfortable or Uncomfortable?

9. Oh! Crap

10. Mind-blowing

11. Time to grab a bite

12. Biggest truth of the world in one pic

13. Perfect parking

14. Creepy

15. Your mind is dirty, mate!

16. Straight Dive

17. Interesting replacement of curtains

18. Amazing capture

19. Too pretty to be real

20. Human’s bestie got human’s feet

21. Coincidence?

22. Nature is mysterious.

23. Is that even a contest?

24. Foodie’s Halo

25. Different phases of life in one frame

26. What are the odds?

27. Freakishly Funny

28. What if the eagle becomes alive?

29. Granny wanted a bunny, so she made one

30. My Eyes, My Eyes.