We've got some really good news for all you wanderlusters out there who've always wanted to see the Northern Lights on a budget for free. 

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Wonderful_places is offering you a free couple's stay in Aurora Borealis Observatory in Norway for 3 nights.  All you have to do is take part in their international giveaway. 

Aurora Borealis Observatory is a beautiful resort in Norway that'll give you the luxurious experience of the Arctic wildlife and Northern lights. 

All you have to do is, follow these steps below: 

The first step is easy-peasy lemon squeezy, follow Aurora Borealis ObservatoryNorgeLofoten and North on Instagram. 

For your second step, go to Wonderful_places' page and like this post:

Tag as many friends as you can because 1 tag = 1 entry. This means that you should probably tag all of your followers because you can tag as many people as you wish.  

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Our only advice is, tag your friends before they tag you!

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After you're done with all these shenanigans, all you got to do is wait till November 18th and keep a close eye on Aurora Borealis Observatory's 'Gram page. 

That's where the winner will be announced based on random selection. 

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Well, all we can say is you can finally check off the Northern Lights and the artic experience off of your bucket list if you're lucky.