Some practices are exclusive to Indian families. No, we’re not talking about the traditional ones; we’re referring to the unspoken norms that our parents stick to. You know when your mother won’t let you touch that “special” snack until the guests have, or when she won’t let you remove the plastic sheet of anything to keep it “new.”

Things like that, I’m sure, will be familiar to anyone who grew up in an Indian household. And one of these habits is to arrive early practically everywhere, especially at train stations. The most tense situation you’ll ever witness at your home is probably right before you leave for a train, flight, or bus.

Our parents are willing to wait for hours on the platform but not in the comfort of their own homes. Perhaps it makes no sense to us, but it does to them.

So when a Twitter user recounted how his family arrived at the train station hours ahead of schedule, other users swarmed to share similar accounts. 

Indian parents are so committed to showing up before time that if you miss a train, they might as well disown you.