There’s no doubt that differently-abled people fight every single day for love, respect and dignity in our country. In fact, our society often views the disabled as “less than human.” 

In a disappointing incident, netizens are calling out IndiGo airline for not allowing a person with special needs to board their flight. 

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Social media user Manisha Gupta shared a disheartening experience of a differently-abled adolescent and his parents, travelling from Ranchi. As per her post, they weren’t allowed to board a flight by the staff of the renowned airline as the child was deemed a ‘risk’ to other passengers.

As per her post, the disabled child was hungry, thirsty and full of anxiety and confusion, after going through the security check. However, his parents handled his meltdown with a lot of patience and warm hugs.

This caught the attention of the IndiGo Airlines staff, who walked up to the trio and warned them that he would not let them board if the child did not quieten down and become ‘normal’ before he could be travel-worthy. Then, we witnessed the full display of brute authority and power.

After that, the airline staff announced that the kid will not be allowed to board the flight as he was a ‘risk’ to other co-passengers. Not only this but, as per her post, the staff also stated that ‘the behaviours such as this and that of drunk passengers, deems them unfit to travel.’

Even though other co-passengers, including certain doctors, challenged the ground staff, assured them that they had no ‘objections’ to travelling with a differently-abled child, and were more than happy to assist on the flight, if needed, the staff did not change their decision.

She also pointed out how the airline manager kept telling everyone that the disabled child was in a state of panic.

However, the young child was sitting very quietly in a wheelchair, terror-stricken by how he was being called out as a risk to the normal world. 

Despite multiple attempts by the parents, and other supportive co-passengers, the staff refused to let the child and his parents board and they were left waiting at the boarding terminal.

The child’s mother kept asking the airline manager, “Do you know what it means to be a parent to a special child? Do you think, as a mother, I would ever let my child harm himself or anyone?

Truth is, India is no country for mothers or children. No country for mothers who are different, No country for mothers who are raising children who are different.

Needless to mention, netizens were furious with the airline’s behaviour and here’s what they had to say about the unfortunate incident:

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This is extremely sad and shameful.

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