With India’s booming population it is impossible to imagine that we would willingly want people to move in here. However, a small Swiss mountain town called Albinen in Switzerland is facing an exactly opposite problem.

According to Daily Mail, the population has sunk to just 240 people and now the government is willing to pay anyone $60,000 to move in.

It’s a beautiful small town with breathtaking views.

Albinen is threatened with extinction as people are moving out of the countryside to the city due to lack of jobs.

Municipality president Beat Jost has praised the town saying it is quiet, has phenomenal views, great air quality and receives many hours of sunshine throughout the year.

But the population condition is so bad that even the local school has shut down due to lack of students. The 7 students that are there, go to a nearby town by bus to attend school.

The government is asking people under the age of 45 to move into the beautiful houses there or even to buy ground and build one of their own.

The plan is yet to be approved by the municipal council but if it does, a couple with 2 children would get 70,000 francs ($60,000) to move into the town.

However, the cash will not be given to speculators buying second homes. Moreover, if anyone decides to move away 10 years after the start of construction or after buying a house in the town, they will have to repay the money.

The municipal president is hopeful that the move will benefit the village. They would be able to earn extra taxes, shops will have customers and construction will benefit industry.

Would you move in here?