Within the gorgeous landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, lies an under-explored treasure called Kheerganga. Located on the top mountains of the Parvati Valley, this place is the home of some of the most adventurous treks and soothing hot springs. The 13-kilometer long trail of the place is attracting millennials on a high level and why not? Kheerganga is definitely worth exploring. However, as a first timer to the place, you might find it difficult to figure out what to do. Well, we are here to list down for you 8 must to do things in Kheerganga that will make your trip to this beautiful gem of Himachal Pradesh a cherished memory.

1. Wake up early and make the maximum of a hiking trip.

Waking up early might not be your cup of tea but when you are in Himachal, you are but advised to ‘rise and shine early from bed’. This is because the total hiking time Kheerganga lasts for around 6 hours. So, if you don’t want to extract the maximum from this trip, it is better you start off early and explore everything that trail throws on your way with peace. 

What is the best time to start? 8 in the morning.

b’Source: undividedtravel.com’

2. Ditch the comfort of hotels and opt for a homestay, instead.

The Kheerganga trek has on its way many lovely and tiny villages that offer some amazing homestay options. Most popular amongst them are Barshaini and Tosh. Other homestays that can be considered lies on the side of Kalga village, the price of which ranges from INR 200/- to INR 500/- per person for a day. Pretty cheap, right? 

You can find one on Airbnb.


3. Stop at Naktan and give your legs some rest. 

Undoubtedly the most colorful and eye-catching village on the entire trail. Naktan is the ideal pit stop destination for two reasons. Firstly, it lies almost in between of the entire trail so one can relax for an hour or two and continue the trek. Secondly, the place is a delicious duo of noodles and watermelon juice. Ah, we are craving for it now!


4. Relive the old world charm amidst the pine forest.

A few steps after Rudranag welcoming the trekkers is a dense pine forest that gives the ultimate old world feel. The forest has a good stretch of plain, flat run-off area that can be wonderfully used as a mid-trek picnic spot.


5. Rejuvenate in the natural hot springs of Kheerganga

Kheerganga is much and all about its hot springs. Not visiting while marching on the trail of the Kheerganga trek is against the ‘travel code of conduct’. What’s the catch? Well, a hot bath during the dawn to relax your sore muscles while enjoying the enchanting view of those ice-capped mountains is a deal worth grabbing. 


 6. Witness the mesmerizing sunset of this Himachali region.  

The view of sunset can be enjoyed the best in Kheerganga. With the sky turning its shade from orange to blood red, sunsets in a hilly area is definitely mesmerizing. 

Pro Tip: Want to capture that scene? Set your camera at a time lapse of 5 seconds of interval and shoot. 


7.  Camp under the stars.

A trip to Kheerganga is incomplete without spending a night camping under the stars. There are many campsites available on the top of the trail. Choose the one most suitable for you and take the meaning of chilling to a whole new level. 


8. Pamper the coffee/tea addict in you with some delicious beverages. 

Apart from some eye-catching sights and a never forgetful experience, the Kheerganga trail is also loved for the mouth-watering beverages and snacks they offer at the base camp area. These cafes offer an excellent experience to one’s taste buds and what’s more interesting is that post 11:00 pm, these cafes turn into dorms.


Reaching Kheerganga might definitely not be that easy but the experience is worth the effort. So skip the monotonous metropolitan life and dunk yourself in the pot of positivity and adventure in the splendid beauty of Himachal, Kheerganga.