Morocco is definitely a fascinating and delightful country to visit. There are a host of activities and attractions that all types of tourists can indulge in. This country attracts solo travelers, families, couples and people with different interests and budgets. The locals are lively and the landscape of this Northern African country will definitely take you back in time. And as a tourist if you want to make your trip a memorable one, here are some things you should do while you are in Morocco:

1. Use your right hand to eat. 

This might come as a surprise but most Moroccans eat with their hands. This is how they eat traditionally. While eating, the locals use their right hand and if you are in Morocco you are expected to do the same. Wondering why? Well, the left hand is typically used to clean up after going to the toilet hence it is considered unclean. If you are a lefty, you’ll have to deal with the stares that might come your way. What else can you do about it?

2. Dress appropriately if you are away from the beach. 

Wearing your beachwear while chilling on the beach is okay but exploring the city in your beach wear is not something that is acceptable. Yes, the Moroccans are fairly conservative in nature so you should not do or wear anything that will make them uncomfortable. Be sure to cover up well when you are exploring the city, visiting a village or town.

3. Do try some mint tea.

Did you know that Morocco’s national drink is mint tea? Well now that you know, you should definitely try out their mint tea. It is loaded with sugar and sprigs of fresh mint. Just walk into any cafe, order yourself a mint tea, savour the taste and relax.

4. Do book a tour to the Sahara Desert. 

You should definitely not miss out on booking yourself a tour to the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert is quite vast, beautiful and it will definitely take your breath away. Just know that this desert is extremely far away. It will take about 10 hours straight to reach there if you are driving but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring it. 

Hot tip: It gets quite cold during the night so remember to pack accordingly if you plan on spending the night here.

5.  Do remember to haggle. 

Morocco is famous for its traditional markets, also known as souks, where you can get a huge variety of items. Traditional clothing, footwear, spices, lamps, leather goods and sheesha pipes are just some of the things that you’ll find in the market. There are a host of things that you can pick up as souvenirs and gifts to take back home. So don’t be shy and remember to haggle whenever you can because haggling is a huge part of trade in Morocco. Just make sure you aren’t getting ripped off, okay?

6. Do respect their monarchy.

You have to respect Moroccan laws if you want to stay out of trouble. Don’t indulge in mocking or talking ill about the Moroccan king. Doing so is illegal. Take this rule pretty seriously otherwise you might end up in jail for at least 3 years if you violate this law. Also defacing, misusing anything with the king’s image on it should be avoided at any cost.

Do keep these tips in mind for a hassle free experience in Morocco.