In association with Volkswagen

The festive season is full of love, joy and more love. And with that love and joy comes the never ceasing familiarity of family. And with that familiarity comes the realisation that what’s most important is finding moments to cherish with your loved ones. However, in this busy world, full of meetings and deadlines, we somewhere begin to take our families for granted. And we end up choosing overtime bonuses over time with people who matter most to us. 

Personally, I came to this realisation too — that as we grow older, as we get on with our lives, the time we spend with our family decreases. We could blame it on a number of things — gadgets, work schedules, and when we’re lazy, just life in general. But when we look back and reflect on those missed moments, all we want to do is turn time around. 

The new Volkswagen video walks us through this precise sentiment, through the most adorable burglar – Anya. 

Early in the morning, when not a creature in the house was stirring, we see Anya sneaking into her father’s bedroom with a balaclava over her head. This adorable burglar steals his ‘toys’, which in adult language are his day to day essentials – his phone, work ID, keys, watch etc. 

And when her father finally does wake up, he finds Anya in deep sleep next to the Christmas tree.

And in her hand is a letter to Santa, just wishing that her father would spend the day with her. 

Of course, papa’s heart melts and then we see him taking Anya on a drive to spend time with his little one! 

This video truly filled my heart and made me reflect on the importance of spending time with my family, not just during festive seasons but throughout the year! 

Check out the full video below and let Anya and papa melt your heart. And while you’re a puddle of emotions after watching the video, maybe go on and have dinner with your family today, go out for a movie or just sit and talk. And never forget, that family comes first, and having the people you love around you, is the most important thing after all.