If you have ever travelled on domestic airlines in India, you know the chaos that starts when the plane lands! 

Seriously, we are yet to realise that it’s not actually a bus stop or more accurately a metro stop!


We just get up, step on everybody’s toes and create stampedes to take our bags out of the luggage compartments as if we are carrying Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes and Harry Potter is our co-passenger.

Anyhow, it seemed like an opportune moment to talk about this ungodly behaviour of ours, since this particular video is going viral.

Witness just how calm people are in this video. The entire plane got empty in a matter of a couple of minutes. And they only used the front door! See, it’s that easy. 


I mean, assuming that we all have spent a few hours in a plane, we could spend 5 minutes more. 

And it’s not like we just walk out of the plane and our ride home or wherever is waiting for us.


No, you still have to go through somewhat of a process. So why create a stampede when we can just sit and chill and get in a queue?