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Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Truck Bumper Sticker Is Your Life Story

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If you look for it, there is gyaan in every corner of this wide world. And it is in the most unexpected places that we learn the true lessons of life - like from the back of a truck!

So take this quiz to find out which iconic truck bumper sticker perfectly describes your life: 

1. What is your all-time favorite combination?

Burger and fries

Brownie and icecream

Main aur meri tanhai

Main aur mera swagger 

2. How do you approach a problem?

Pray it gets better

Problems, what problems?

Cry and wish it goes away 

Figure the best solution for all

3. What is your ideal road trip song?

Yun hi chala chal rahi

Babaji ki booti

Dil chahta hai 


4. How many times in a year do you go for a holiday?

Once a year

Twice a year

I live out of a suitcase

Plan it as per the long weekends 

5. Which fictional character would you swap lives with?

Sheldon Cooper

Tony Stark

Joey Tribbiani 

Charlie Harper 

6. Which is your favorite Indian web series?

Yeh Meri Family

Sacred Games 



7. What does 'friyay' mean to you?

Netflix and chill 

Party all night

Read a book

Do things you won’t remember 

8. What is your ideal hangover cure?

Drink again


Continuously drink water 

Sleep it off

9. Which famous dialogue is your go-to-phrase?

Our business is our business none of your business

Pyaar dosti hai

Baap ka dada ka bhai ka sabka badla lega Faizal

Main apni favorite hun

10. What is your ideal pick-me-up food?



Chicken in any form



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