Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Donald Trump pays a lot of attention to him following the President's tweet, claiming the actor was sacked from 'The Celebrity Apprentice' because of his "pathetic" ratings.

Appearing on The Michael Smerconish Program, the 69-year-old actor-turned-politician was asked why the president is so fixated on him, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Source: b'Michael Smerconish\xe2\x80\x8f(L) &\xc2\xa0Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), Image Source: Twitter/Michael Smerconish'

To which he said, "I think he's in love with me."

Here the interview: 

Blaming President Donald Trump's continued involvement for its poor ratings, Arnold Schwarzenegger had earlier told entertainment magazine Empire that he is terminating his time on 'The New Celebrity Apprentice'. 

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Wonder what Donald Trump has to say now about Schwarzenegger's 'love' comment.

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