Not all heroes wear capes. 

Some wear uniforms and cut through ice to save a dog's life. They later adopt it, too

We are talking about Turkish police officer, Burak Okten, whose video of swimming in ice-cold waters of a lake in Van, is going viral on Twitter. 

Having spotted a puppy clinging to icy surface some 150m from the shore, Burak wore a wet suit and broke the ice with his hand to reach it. 

Source: Koz Times

Thanks to his efforts, the dog was successfully brought to the vets. However, no one thought it would survive hypothermia. 

But it did. 

It was nothing less than a miracle, according to Burak, who later adopted the puppy and named it 'Buz'. In Turkish, 'Buz' means ice. 

Source: Ytimg

This story could melt even ice-cold hearts. Hoping nothing but the best for Burak and his Buz.