If you spend your Sundays sparking up, tuning out and binge watching TV shows with a vengeance, it's easy enough to run out real quick. Never fret though, because with this list of dank shows, combined with your hopefully dank bud (and maybe a mango smoothie or two) you'll be set for the next few hundred Sundays of the year.

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1. Workaholics

The misadventures of frequent hedonists Adam, Blake and Anders (pronounced with a hard AHn) goes almost hand in hand with a little bud in the brain and soda in the tummy. I can't think of a more chill afternoon than getting baked and singing "back to the squirrels again" and after watching this show, neither will you.

2. Weeds

This list isn't only about shows you can get blitzed and giggle your butts off to, it's also got shows that are canna-centric, and pro-bud, if you may. Weeds is a dark comedy centred around a woman who has to resort to hustling ganja to support herself after her husband passes away, and the show takes some much deserved digs at the system as a whole, something most stoners can connect with.

Source: Crazyfrankentstein

3. Family Guy

'Everything is better with a bag of weed'. That's what Seth MacFarlane, the show's creator, sings along with a whole bumping orchestra to the image of Stewie and Brian handing out lil' baggies to everyone. This show is hilarious, and has tremendous re-watch potential.

Source: thesmokingbud

4. Adventure Time

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are characters that I hold very dear, not just because they're both totally rad champions but because this animated show looks and feels like it was born right out of the peak of the most blissful batch of mushrooms possible. Colourful, vibrant, and just the right amount of mad, Adventure Time is a treasure unto itself.

Source: Wired

5. Courage The Cowardly Dog

This show, like most on the list, is great to watch on its own as well, but a little toke never hurt the vibe, and watching Courage face off against his enemies' dastardly capers becomes all that more intense when you've got a little sativa in the system.

Source: Fanpop

6. Black Dynamite

That 70s funk seems to have a special bond with the THC. Black Dynamite follows an animated million-stereotypes-in-one ninja orphanage owner as he tries to clean up the streets while doing some dirty work of his own. If that just blew your mind, then you ain't seen nothin' yet, sucka!

Source: Indiewire

7. That 70s Show

I watched this show as a kid, never knew what they were doing in that basement, and I still found this show funny. Imagine my elation when I grew up and realised that not only was the gang getting high as balls downstairs, but that the show also had Tommy Chong, pretty much the supreme overlord of ganja pop culture.

Source: Youtube

8. Trailer Park Boys

This show isn't for everyone. It's a little strange, a little unusual, but like I said before, stoners like to get weird, so this might just fit the late night sparking bill. The show follows Ricky, Bubbles and Julian, trailer park residents with a penchant for smoking weed and hatching schemes.

Source: Nerdist

9. Robot Chicken

This stop-motion animation show was created by Seth Green, who you may remember as Doctor Evil's son in the Austin Powers films. The show is about a chicken who was run over and brought back to life as a cyborg, and parodies every single pop culture reference you can imagine in its wake. Hit the bong and sing along, Robot Chicken!

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10. Eastbound and Down

Kenny Powers foo! Danny McBride plays the freewheeling, beer-chugging, jet ski ripping baseball player with a massive ego that's matched only by his prowess on the field and his balls to the wall potty mouth. This show is hilarious, but then almost anything with McBride in it tends to be, at least for stoners.

Source: Torrents

11. South Park

There's a couple of reasons why stoners love South Park. Any episode featuring Towelie the stoner absorbent was couch-lock gold, the episode 'Major Boobage' was their psychedelic piece de resistance and a major trip and they almost turned the phrase "oh my god they killed Kenny" into a social greeting!

Source: Wikia

Snoop Dogg approves this list.