We're glad Twinkle Khanna's film career never took off because had she still been acting, we wouldn't have got Mrs. Funnybones!

Source: Vogue

Here are 22 examples of Twinkle Khanna's hilarious take on pretty much everything happening around. Don't think women have a sense of humour? Think again!

1. On the biggest misconception men have about women

2. On men not asking for directions

3. On her own name

4. On women fasting for Karva Chauth

5. On the festival of Holi

6. On Botox

7. On sanitary pads

8. On ageing

9. On her husband's excessive snoring

10. On the biggest learning of marriage

11. On being just like every other person in the world

12. On superstition in India

13. On the perils of middle age

14. On India's unique take on life

15. On having a sense of humour

16. On menstruation being considered a taboo

17. On the controversy around her unzipping her husband's jeans at a fashion show

18. On the government taxing sanitary pads

19. On her days in school

20. On the beef ban

21. On Section 377

22. On the unfortunate state of friendships

Designs: Nupur Agrawal