Yesterday, Twitter came up with a new feature. It enables you to retweet your own tweet, yes you heard that right. Everyone was expecting Twiiter to finally come up with the feature that would enable people to edit their tweets once posted but instead they did this!

Which typically means now you can reach the same followers, twice. Also, it shows your self-obsession. Sparing the technical aspects let's look at what the update would mean in real life situations.

1. Giving yourself a high five

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2. Swiping right for your own Tinder profile

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3. Jerking off to your own photo

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 4. Sending yourself a birthday card

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5. Having your own number on the speed dial

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 6. Making another account on Facebook & adding yourself as a friend

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8. Liking your own statuses & photos

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9. Sending a surprise gift for yourself

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10. Putting your own photos in motivational posters

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11. Laughing at your own joke when no one else does

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 12. Making a movie about you, starring you

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 13. Taking selfies alone on your wedding day

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14. Holding your own hand when on a date

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15. Loving your own voice in a video

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16. Giving hearts to your own Instagram posts

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17. Gossiping with yourself at the office cooler

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 Well, it is kinda weird to pat yourself on the back, isn't it?