Two friends in Maharashtra, both doctors, recently met each other after three years. They did what old friends do - hug tight. But it left one of them with broken ribs.

The one on the receiving end of this 'blast of adoration' was Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, superintendent of Fort's St George's Hospital in Mumbai. And the one who delivered the blow, of course unintentionally, is his batch-mate from Aurangabad's Government Medical College & Hospital and currently an orthopaedist, Dr Amit Badwe, reports Mumbai Mirror.

So what really happened?

Badwe surprised his friend Gaikwad by turning up unannounced at his hospital on Saturday. As per Gaikwad, Badwe dashed towards him for a hug but the move was so sudden that he could not get up from the chair. The entire pressure of the hug fell on Gaikwad's chest and three ribs cracked in the process.

It may sound crazy but as Gaikwad puts it, it was a freak mishap. Add to it the fact that Badwe happens to have a passion for bodybuilding and orthopaedists are generally strongly built.

Rest assured, the two are still friends. While Gaikwad laughed at the entire thing while recalling it to the newspaper, a very embarrassed Badwe has been inquiring about his health daily.

Gaikwad has been prescribed bed rest for 15 days and the ribs are expected to heal naturally.