I think we can all agree that the worst day of the year to not be with our Moms has got to be Mother's Day. And, if you just so happen to live in a different city than your Mom, and need a bit of motivation to make the effort to be with her, we've got just the thing. This story is about Uber coming to the rescue of one of their riders who was living away from home.

Susan Pinto, a young blogger from Bangalore lives many miles away from her Mother and her hometown of Ahmedabad. Just about a week away from Mother's day, she tweeted this to Uber India:

And to her surprise, Uber actually responded. With this:

And, of course, an ecstatic Susan replied. Little did she know, the hashtag she added to her tweet would end up being a trending Mother's day hashtag - #homeiswheremomis.

Things really escalated when tweeple started getting behind Susan. And in their own right, Uber too responded with a hashtag that would go on to trend. - #GetPintoHome.

And this was Uber finally confirming that Susan is on her way to Ahmedabad to see her Mom

And, guess what? It does not end here! Uber India has officially turned #homeiswheremomis into a means for people to tell Uber why Uber should send them across the country to see their Mother. That means, if you, like Susan, too, live thousands of miles away from Mom, Uber can even fly YOU to see her on this Mother's day! Just give Uber a good reason to do so, using #homeiswheremomis. And it might just happen! 

Click this link for more information.

What a moment it was when Uber chose to help Susan out, huh? One that perfectly captures what happiness in this age of technology is all about, if you ask me. Take a look at how Twitterati reacted:

Here's hoping we all spend this Mother's day with our Mothers...