These days spotting a guy without a beard is probably harder than finding parking in Vasant Kunj. We're (yes, I'm a proud member of the facial hair fraternity) a dime a dozen. So how would you, fellow bearded brethren, feel if I told you, you could get paid just for having a beard?

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£30 per hour to be exact. Or ₹2,600 approx.

According to a recent study, stroking hair and/or beards releases the relaxing hormone, Oxyotcin. This is the perfect thing for hassled shoppers, especially during the holiday season.


Basically, a company will pay people £30 an hour to sit down, and have their beards rubbed.

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Sounds too good to be true? Well, unfortunately it's in the UK, at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester to be specific.

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The company behind the offer, Mo Bro's, do have one requirement. All interested candidates should have a beard that's at least 2 inches long. You can check out the job offer here.

So, know anyone who fits the bill?

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