Getting a tattoo has a different meaning for everyone. Some like to get their special moments inked, some get their memories etched in ink while others just choose random, beautiful things that can forever adorn their body. But no matter what they signify, it is safe to say that tattoos are no less than art -  a breathing, living, walking piece of art in all its beauty.  

If you're a woman and are planning to get your first tattoo or adding one more to your beautiful body, this is for you. 

If you're a feminist and aren't shy to say it with a tattoo, do it. If you're a flower-child, get beautiful flower tattoos. If you're a traveller, get inked with wanderlust. When it comes to tattoos, the world really is your oyster. 

Here's a crazy compilation of all kinds of tattoos you might like to get.

How about this powerful statement?

Or maybe some self-love design?

You can always go deadly. 

Or choose not to give a fuck at all.

Pay homage to your weapons. 

Or just get these simple lines and dots. 

How about this dainty leafy tendril? 

 Or this bohemian design for the ring finger?

Who says your tattoos gotta have a meaning? Just roll with these random symbols instead. 

A lightning bolt for the thunderous woman. 

Or go elegant with this simple laurel wreath 

Or this half mandala. 

These single stemmed minimalist flowers.

Or triangles that speak your mind. 

This tree as a symbol of the beautiful life you're living. 

Or this enchanting mandala flower. 

This really cool dotted arrow tattoo.

This spiral clouds with gem-like drops. 

This perfectly blended mandala. 

This deep, dark, black rose. 

Or this bright sunflower. 

This mandala flower of tiny dots and lines. 

Or this simple glyph design on the nape. 

This barren tree on the bare back. 

This powerful stick and poke design. 

This pretty blue pansy flower. 

Walk with flowers on your feet with this beautiful floral design. 

Or just get these simple lines on your toe fingers. 

A flower on the ear? Sounds just about right. 

I guess flowers anywhere work. 

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