Coldplay has evolved so much over the years and they have had a few underappreciated gems that need to grace your ears.

1. Such A Rush  from the album Safety EP

Such A Rush reflects the monotony in life through its monotonous yet brilliant lyrics. The cathartic end will leave you satisfied but still yearning for more.

2. Glass Of Water  from the album Viva La Vida

Wait till you get to the chorus- the guitars transform the lyrics in such amazing way that will make you jump to its beat. If you want something powerful and optimistic, this song should be on your list.

3. Green Eyes  from the album A Rush of Blood to the Head

Green Eyes is the kind of song you wish someone would sing to you. It is also the perfect song for your perfect other. 

4. Til Kingdom Come  from the album X&Y

The song bursts with love for a certain someone that can barely be expressed through words. Chris' unwavering voice reflects his unfaltering love for his special someone and we can't help but go "awww".

5. A Whisper  from the album A Rush of Blood to the Head

A Whisper is one of those gems that will blow your mind by the creative genius of Coldplay. The psychabilly-tinged song is sure to transport you to a dreamworld.

6. Gravity  from the album Talk

Gravity is happy and sad at the same time. It is for sure that it will make you play the song on repeat till your ears bleed.

7. Swallowed in the Sea  from the album X&Y

Swallowed in the Sea is one of Coldplay's most endearing songs. The brilliant melody and chord changes will make you wonder why you had not been introduced to this beauty of a song before.

8. Yes  from the album Viva La Vida

Yes is draped in a new style and sound that is not common with Martin and Co. The song talks about frustration because of sexual temptation.

9. O  from the album Ghost Stories

O builds up on the song Fly On. It is all about saying goodbye to a loved one and the melancholic piano is sure to strike a chord with your fragile heart.

10. Army of One  from the album A Head Full of Dreams

Army of One is the eighth track on the album and might very well be the eighth wonder of the world. Chris Martin has his heart as a gun, mouth as the trigger which will make a casualty out of you by this gem. 

11. Death And All His Friends  from the album Viva la Vida

Death And All His Friends is about letting go of your regrets. The song builds up to a powerful middle and transitions to a secret song The Escapist. Three songs in a single 6 minute track? A delicious and juicy treat indeed!

12. Don't Let It Break Your Heart  from the album Mylo Xyloto

Don't Let It Break Your Heart is about moving forward even when dealt with hardships. This cheery and uplifting piece is filled to the brim with optimism and has a melody that will make you move.

13. See You Soon  from the album The Blue Room

See You Soon has a melancholic sound which embodies the multiple interpretations that the song can have. Frustrated? This song tells you that you can always find a resolution in that special someone.

You're welcome.