Netflix adds new content to its library every day, so it's easy to miss out on a lot of movies. But trust me, there's some great ones - you just gotta know where to look... like below, for example.

1. Handsome

Jeff Garlin and Natasha Lyonne star in this off-kilter comedy about 2 LA detectives trying to solve a murder (while being extremely weird in the process). Honestly, this is probably the funniest movie I've seen all year.

Source: Netflix

2. Girlfriend's Day

Bob Odenkirk (of Better Call Saul) is a down-on-his-luck greeting card writer who finds inspiration one last time, but to dangerous ends.

Source: Thetriangle

3. Small Town Crime

A cop with a whole host of personal problems tries to solve the murders of multiple prostitutes. The premise sounds done to death, but the film is actually a fresh and irreverent take on cop movies.

Source: Theavclub

4. I don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

A name this cumbersome invites high expectations. Luckily, the duo of Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood as a couple of people who just want folks to be better, really pulls through.

Source: Neighbourmate

5. Annihilation

In this sci-fi thriller, Natalie Portman plays a ballsy biologist venturing into a mysterious shimmer that's eating up the world in the strangest of ways.

Source: Engadget

6. A Futile And Stupid Gesture

This film follows the meteoric rise and consequent fall of the creators of the National Lampoon in the '70s and '80s - farts and all.

Source: Cnet

7. Game Over, Man!

The juvie-trio that made Workaholics return in this stoner edition of Die Hard. Be warned, there's dicks in this movie.

Source: Movieweb

8. Okja

Mija, a young South Korean girl, sets out to rescue her best friend, a fantastical (and extremely cute) animal named Okja, from the clutches of a dangerously powerful corporation.

Source: Mnn

9. Beasts Of No Nation

As a brutal war rips through an unnamed African nation, a ruthless warlord develops loyalty among his child soldiers using any means necessary.

Source: Rollingstone

10. Little Evil

Gary thinks his life is finaly on track, till he realises his step-son is probably the son of Satan. This is a surprisingly funny and highly underrated comedy.

Source: Thefandomentals

11. Gerald's Game

A woman accidentally kills her husband while engaged in some high-stakes sex play. That's when the shit really hits the fan in this intense psychological thriller.

Source: Medium

12. The Babysitter

The horror comedy genre is a really fine line, but this film about a cult of killer baby-sitters walks it perfectly.

Source: Justwatch

13. The Ritual

Four friends head for a trip into the forest, where an unknown presence makes life pretty miserable. The woodland setting and overarching themes of this horror film make it pretty great.

Source: Avclub

14. Tramps

This crime comedy packs in laughs, lovers and a whole lotta hijinks.

Source: Rogerebert

15. Take The 10

The story of a perennially blazed weed dealer, his best friend, and the shit that happens on the path of love life.

Source: Newonnetflix

16. Deidra & Laney Rob A Train

After their mom goes to jail, 2 sisters decide to rob a bank to make some bank in this charmingly whacky comedy-drama.

Source: Netflix

17. Dude

It's the last 2 weeks of high school, and 4 best friends try to figure it all out in the time they have left.

Source: Indiewire

18. Newness

A couple in the throes of new-found love psh the boundaries of the social media hookup culture to its limits.

Source: Theverge

Watch it naow! *Arnold Schwarznegger voice*

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