Where there is a will, there is a way; and where there is a gun, there is 'thain thain'.

Not really, though. The UP Police just proved that you don't need guns for gunshots. 

Chasing goons in a Sambhal district on Friday, two inspectors found that their pistols are jammed. 

Using their presence of mind, they did possibly the best thing one could have done in that situation. 

They started shouting- maaro, maaro, ghero, ghero, thain, thain (It's not a dialogue from Doremon, I promise)

Talking to ANI, a senior policeman said:

With regard to the cop shouting, it is a tact to deal with criminals mentally and create pressure on them to surrender.

As per the reports from NDTV, one criminal was also arrested in the said encounter, after being shot. 

Well, it made sense after all.