We've all been subjected to that mounting frustration when customer care services do not put their best foot forward and we have to suffer as a result. Most of us resort to calling up their number and venting by yelling bloody murder at them, but there are some gems who live among us who channel their emotions to create something.

A weary, sweaty and dissatisfied customer Somak Ghosh in Chennai had a bone to pick with UrbanClap after his air conditioner broke down even after the repair man had apparently 'fixed' it. Chennai is famous for its oppressive heat and Somak in that hour of discomfort turned to poetry to express his strong disapproval of the company.

You can read the whole exchange here.

‘tis midnight in Chennai, the city of heat
My mortal form, on the soiled floor, lies
Weary of this world and darkness and defeat
Sleep a necessity, but the night flies
Instead, I lie, prone at your feet,
UrbanClap, you are but lies and deceit
You may think, ‘tis a story of love unrequited,
Wounds, betrayal and grief, of ego conceited
or a tale of anguish, or a lover’s tiff
Nay, my readers, as I stand on the cliff
I call out your false promises, of the bonds broken
UrbanClap, you only flatter to sadden
Let me tell you the story, of how my AC broke
as one fine day, I lay sipping my coke
new to the city, I had lost all hope
When my friend said, “Fear not, UrbanClap is dope!”
I wielded my android, my beacon of information
downloaded your app, seemed like the only solution
tapped my keys, scheduled a meeting
That night I lay, my heart beating
For you had promised, UrbanClap
That you’d rescue me out of this crap
The knight arrived, fought a fierce battle
Blows were exchanged, oh how did my AC rattle!
As the end drew near, and I could hardly stand
your knight descended from the sky, with his wand
He stood before me, and said with a smile
“This magic capacitor, shall run many a mile
Now, you mustn’t worry, for I have cured your AC,
Quick now, the 1500 Rupees, let me see!”
I obliged, paid him his fee
Said, “Thank you, my Lord, for setting me free”
Little did I know, UrbanClap, that you had cheated me
for your knight had left, rubbing his hands in glee
For when I returned that night, my tired face red
I switched on my AC, alas, ‘twas but dead!
I fell on my knees, praying, in grave despair,
UrbanClap, this unkindest cut, too much to bear
I held my cats close, in grief I was sinking,
as I watched my AC’s dying lights blinking
Thus, I took up my pen, as I swore revenge,
My AC’s death, I seek out to avenge
UrbanClap, you depraved, unkind start-up
The least of all, I expected you to fuck up
You know UrbanClap, a gentleman’s word is his bond,
(The greatest of them, of Woodland Realm, Lord Elrond)
I had come with folded hands and a bowed head,
your blatant lies, deceit and callousness have left me red
But make no mistake, I shall not cower, I shall not rest
I will wage a war, until I have had the best
For let the world know, about how much you have sucked,
UrbanClap, this is for all your customers that you have fucked.

The company's PR team kicked into action and replied to Somak's complaint in the same language, poetry. Here's what they said,

Another UrbanClap employee was promptly sent to fix Somak's AC to resolve the problem. After which three more stanzas of eloquent poetry were fired off to appease the dissatisfied customer.

Somak replied in a similar fashion, assuring them that he was no longer angry at them and ended things on a note of goodwill.

You can read this eloquent exchange here.

Now this is customer service done right!