A video showing two private buses rash-driving on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway is going viral. It shows them racing against one another, and one of the buses even crosses over to the wrong side, sending chills down the motorists who were right behind these two buses. Wonder what the passengers in the respective buses had to say about their competitive bus drivers.

There's some construction work on the highway, which makes driving like this all the more dangerous. As reported by NDTV, the officials have cited the following reasons for the incident. 

They mentioned the haste comes from the desire of the bus companies to pack in as many trips as possible. The 44 km-stretch sees many passengers ply on a daily basis, and the need to bring in as many passengers as possible is one of the primary reasons officials blame such competition and rash driving.

One can only hope one of these guys revive the fortunes of Force India in the F1 circuit, from how the video looks they would book pole positions in nearly all GPs.