Dev Patel broke into the Hollywood circuit with Slumdog Millionaire and was considered as a token Indian character by directors. After playing an Indian guy with a made-up accent in movies he has come a long way and now it feels like finally, he is not a newcomer anymore.

Playing the lead in The Man Who Knew Infinity, the actor proved his mettle. His new movie will remind you a lot of the Oscar-winning movie with a lot of poverty-stricken childhood flashbacks and some overwhelming plotline. But this time, he didn’t have to speak in the stereotyped Indian accent anymore. Take a look the trailer:

Got goosebumps already? Wait till you get to know the real version of the story.

This story is based on Saroo Brierley’s life. Born in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh; his father abandoned his family because of poverty, leaving behind a mother and 3 brothers. The three boys (Saroo, Guddu and Kallu) helped their mother by begging in trains and sweeping train floors. One terrible day he boarded a wrong train and was separated from his family.

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He was subsequently adopted by the Brierley family of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.


Whether he gets reunited with his family or not, only the movie, or his book ‘A Long Way Home’ will tell.


Can’t wait to witness his journey on the big screen.