Bollywood might be making 800 movies a year but not all of them turn out to be cinematic masterpieces.

So, when we came across this movie called Leera: The Soulmate, we felt it was our duty to share the happiness with you.

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Now while the movie might be called Leera ‘The Soulmate’, there seems to be a lot of space travel involved as well. 

Because it’s not just a love story, it’s…

Kaljai films

Also, the movie is 99% VFX.

Kaljai films

Which probably explains the trippy background.

Kaljai films

And this girl’s weird ass tongue.

Still not sold? Well, allow us to convince you a little more.

So here are 5 awesome reasons why you should watch it.

1. The brutally honest dialogues are to die for. No sugarcoating.

I swear I’m not making this up, but this is an actual dialogue from the trailer.

2. It has gareebon ka Donald Trump.

Kaljai films

3. You can’t say this movie lacks ‘punch’. No, we’re not sorry.

Take that, Tyson.

Kaljai films

4. Have we mentioned the amazing graphics?

Abs of steel spotted.

Kaljai films

5. They (whoever they are) say love is poison and this kiss is proof of that.

Zeher hai ki pyaar hai tera chumma?

Kaljai films

The trailer is so nice, even the makers couldn’t help commenting under their own video.


Check out the trailer right here.