The recently concluded BAFTA awards had Leonardo DiCaprio win the award for Best Actor for his almost unreal portrayal of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass.

One would think that this would end the Internet’s obsession over Leonardo DiCaprio but one would be foolish to assume that. With Oscars being around the corner, this has further fueled Internet’s fixation with Leo’s Oscar chances.


Thank God for the Oscars, we finally have a reason to rant about something that’s very personal to each of us: 

Why has Leonardo DiCaprio never won an Oscar?

While social media memes continue to take our fight ahead, the Academy’s aversion of Leo has, on multiple occasions, gotten in the way of our daily lives and we’ve never shied away from letting everyone else know about it.

Mr. DiCaprio on the other hand has better things to focus on, apparently .

With the 88th Academy Awards around the corner, millions on the Internet are yet again giving up their livelihood to come together and march for Di Caprio’s Oscar win. The thought of another actor winning an Oscar this year makes us fear for the human race on the Internet, who may or may not commit harakiri. 

Some people would say “good riddance” but we’re not those people. Or worse, what if DiCaprio wins an Oscar and refuses to accept it (we’re saying “what if”)?

Not since Arvind Kejriwal left his CM-ship, have fanboys been subjected to so much confusion and self-hatred.


Among all of this, we can’t help but feel for the jury members of the Academy, who aren’t only under pressure to be “fair” in their decision but would also need to conceal their identity should DiCaprio get snubbed this year.

Could February 28, 2016, be the day the Internet mob gets what they want or would they take their fight to the comments section, which historically is famous for bringing about significant change in the world?


Another real danger is the psychological void the human race will face if there isn’t an Oscar-less Leonardo DiCaprio anymore. 80% memes on the Internet will lose their relevance. The cynics of the world will have to focus on less important things like existing in the real world.

We tried imagining the amount of pressure all of this has put on the Oscar jury, but were unable to do so.

As millions of DiCaprio activists stock up their inhalers, there’s someone who could care less about DiCaprio’s fate.


We’re not saying that he doesn’t deserve this Oscar, but maybe just maybe, he deserves better fans.

Because the last thing Leo would want to be remembered for is Internet memes. This is the guy who’s been fighting for weather change and what do we do? Make him a meme. Real smart, Internet.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad now that when Leo DiCaprio signs a movie, the first thing people talk about is if this role would get him an Oscar. We feel for Leo. Poor guy works hard throughout the year, explores layers in his characters and gives almost unbelievable performances only to disappoint the Internet every year at the Oscars.

In fact, Internet’s obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio’s face when another actor wins an Oscar is ridiculous and borderline creepy.


This is the guy who slept inside an animal carcass. No, for god’s sake, he doesn’t scream internally over a trophy.

We would like to take a leap and say it out loud that no matter who wins and loses, everybody’s lives will go on unchanged. And Leonardo DiCaprio will continue to do what he does best, be the best damned actor on the planet.


Internet, relax. It’s time.