We all want to become smart. However, a sharp brain is like a Rolls Royce. We all want it, but not everyone is able to get it.

And that’s why, we are ready to go to any lengths to become smarter. Like putting up a poster of Albert Einstein on our bedroom walls.

But now, it turns out, that the key to getting a superbrain lies in an elementary school punishment.

A punishment, every Indian student is familiar with.

Remember how the teacher used to tell you to hold your ears and do sit-ups?

Well, doing that for just 5 minutes everyday apparently makes you super smart.

They’ve even given the punishment a fancy name: ‘Superbrain Yoga’. 

A lot of people, right from neurobiologists to doctors to elementary school teachers, have been endorsing the yoga move saying they’ve personally seen the remarkable improvement it has brought upon in people’s lives since it ‘stimulates neural pathways in the brain’.

However, some people have also been saying that superbrain yoga is plain bullshit.

Either ways, had superbrain yoga been as effective as people are saying it is, then every student in India would’ve been a superkid.

Gettin’ what I’m sayin’?

Check out the video right here and be the judge.