Parenting is tough. It means having your life revolve around a younger version of yourself without acknowledgement, time, or even a life of your own. There are not many mothers we know who say that the twenty-four-hour job is always fun. If parenthood could be translated into comedy, it’ll be one of the best cathartic relief there is.

Quite possibly, Kristina Kuzmic thought so too. Now, she is one of the most relatable and most viewed comedians on YouTube. The witty way in which she narrates the challenges faced by parents while juggling their own lives and those of their kids will have you toppling off your chair, laughing.


In a video she posted on her YouTube page, Kristina talks about why every parent deserves a star from their own selves. It’s as much a pat on every parents’ back as it’s funny.

What we bring to you today, is a video of her picking up nuances from everyday life, and giving herself a token for getting it all done straight.

And soon, she’s a walking token booth. But the message she seems to give is loud and clear- if you have kids, you’re never going to waste a day.

You can watch the full video here: