Chai is love, Chai is bae. From “Hello, frens, chai pee lo“, to the blue-eyed Pakistani chai-wala; chai related-things (lol, you know) have always had the potential to take the internet by storm. 

Recently, Twitter user Meghna Mohan uploaded a video of chai being served with a twist, well literally.

“How tea is served at The Chappati Factory in Ponnani, Kerala.”

Doin’ us a bamboozle.

Video opens with three layers of chai components – Black tea, Milk, and froth – which are then mixed in a swirl by the twitter-acclaimed ‘Tea-man’.

This 40-seconds-video already has over 345K views on Twitter, and Twiteratti is busy figuring out the science behind this Tea-man’s stunts.

Time to get the ‘par- TEA’ started! Right?

Okay, bye. Time to have yet another cup of chai.