No matter how cold-hearted one is, it’s very difficult to ignore a dog’s imploring eyes. No matter what you might be eating, you’re bound to part with a small portion of your food if a dog comes and makes puppy eyes at you.

Hence, when this dog came to this guy asking for some chicken, he couldn’t say no even if it meant parting with a leg piece. 

A leg piece, ladies and gentlemen, for which wars have been fought in many a households.

However, instead of gobbling up the leg piece immediately, the dog took it in its mouth and started running.

Curious, the photographer decided to follow it.

The dog kept running…

And running…

Until finally, the photographer realized that it had actually been wanting to share it with her puppies! And hence, was taking it to them.


And we were like…

Check out the heartwarming video right here.