Remember those ads that used to play between overs during cricket matches in the 90s? They weren't the best of ads but they had that 'non-HD' touch that transports us back to our childhood days. Nowadays we are quick to change the channel whenever there's a break during a cricket game, but back then options were few and channels even fewer. So we sat and watched the ads too. 

Like I said, not all of these were great, but most of these carry memories. So take guard, pad up and get ready for a trip down memory lane.

Enjoy 22 of the best nostalgia-inducing cricket ads from the years gone by:

This Cadbury Dairy Milk ad which had music anyone would want to dance to.

This Pepsi ad where every kid is Sachin.

Can never forget this classic one where SRK pretends to be Sachin to get some Pepsi.

This one where Sachin bowls Kambli out and they fight for a Pepsi, featuring Azhar in thug life mode.

This Britannia ad where Dravid saves Viru's life.

This ad that made us think Dravid would change but The Wall stayed strong.

This one where Amitabh Bachchan & Sachin have a kite flying competition!

Rahul Dravid & one of those Castrol ads that made the brand even more famous.

This Sachin ad that every kid who has broken window panes during gully cricket will relate to.

This ad featuring SRK & Sachin trying to outdo each other for a sip of the drink.

This 'Jam Jam Jammy' Kissan Ad featuring Jammy himself.

This one where Sachin has his hero mode on with the then super cool Action shoes. Oh and it also features a super young Kunal Khemu!

This "Come on, India" ad that pumped everyone up!

Speaking of getting pumped up, how about this ad featuring our official 1999 World Cup anthem, "Josh of India."

This series through which actor Sanjay Mishra gained limelight. But we only knew him as Apple Singh.

And let's end with this one which marked the beginning of two great careers right - Dravid & Ganguly in this Britannia ad.

Actually, let's not end there. Now that you are already feeling old, here are a few from the 2000s that are bound to have the same effect:

Like this World Cup 2003 ad where Sachin fooled Shane Warne & Carl Hooper.

This 'almost' hilarious ad where half the team tries to fetch Pepsi from the jaws of death!

This reliance ad where Sehwag professed his love for his dear mother!

The fairly recent Helicopter ad featuring MS Dhoni. But mind you, this one also came out over half a decade ago!

This epic Pepsi ad inside the Indian locker room. 

This Rahuld Dravid Hutch ad where he's on a plane with a cricket fan who does not recognise him.

So to conclude, we are old as hell, there was a lot of Pepsi, a little bit of Britannia and lots of Sachin on TV back then. 

And no, I will not apologise for the poor quality of these ads because that is what makes them so special. Hope you enjoyed this 'ad'venture!