Mumbai is truly a city of dreams. The history it carries along is rich and so diverse. We came across this rare footage of Mumbai city in the 1920’s, which will remind you of an era, gone by. It is a montage of different aspects of Mumbai (then called Bombay) in an 8-minute long video titled, Gateway of India, which is produced and narrated by James A Fitzpatrick. 

If you compare the visuals of Colaba, then and now, you will see a drastic difference between the two. The video shows Bombay under British Raj with vintage cars and horse carts. And you'd be surprised to know that Andheri didn't even exist when this video was made. 

The Gateway of India looked new and bereft of any boats and jetties.

Fitzpatrick says, "One of the outstanding feature of Bombay is its sudden transition from modern to ancient."

This video throws light on street entertainment and the relatively slow nature of lifestyle in the Bombay of 1920s. Fitzpatrick talks about the the demographics, geography and lifestyle of the then Bombay, that will make Mumbai sound even dreamier. 

Have a look.