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Jun 10, 2018 at 11:42

Virat Has Finally Revealed The Truth About The Leaked ‘Beard Insurance’ Footage & This Is What He Has To Say

by Rishabh Kapoor

God was gracious enough to bestow men with facial hair. TBH, what would our machismo do if there was no beard to transform us from an average dude to a suave man? Speaking of beards, let's address the trendsetter of the country- Virat Kohli. Here's a quick recap of what went down with Virat's beard game.

A CCTV footage was leaked and two gentlemen in black suits were seen measuring Virat's beard and clicking it. Virat was then seen signing some official paperwork and it looked like he was getting his beard insured. And why not, the man has one amazing beard to boast of.

After creating quite a buzz about his beard getting insured, Virat finally called in a press conference to clear the air. 


Seems like Virat did get an insurance, not for his daadi but his gaadi. Turns out that it was a prank by Philips and Virat to introduce us to the brands' all-new range of trimmers. The new trimmers by Philips have 20 lengths setting, dura-power and can last six times longer than any other trimmer. Cool, no? Well, we almost fell for this prank. After all, the man does have a beard worth insuring. Here's a pro hack: take care of your beard brothers, because what else do we have. So, if you #LoveitTrimit.

Curious to see more of the beard side of Virat Kohli. We are heading to check it out. See you there.  

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