Almost all of us have been impressed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's oratory skills at some point. However, the refreshing way in which he recently left Sky News' British presenter Colin Brazier stumped, has left many Brits squirming in their seats and Indians rejoicing. 

Source: OneIndia

When Colin raised the question of 'the trickle down of repatriation funds to the UK', Tharoor was more than happy to oblige and provide some schooling to the presenter.

The fact that India was mercilessly stripped of its economic and social resplendence by its British Imperial masters is no secret. Tharoor reminds Colin that vast sums of wealth were sent to Britain, amounting today to almost billions of money and not just a 'trickle' as the latter termed it. 

Tharoor went on to elaborate on how British owes India an apology for the way it crippled the country during the colonial time, even after India participated extensively in the war effort on Britain's side. A war which wasn't ours to fight to begin with.

Watch Shashi Tharoor's brilliant comeback here:

Respect, Mr. Tharoor.