Winters aa gayi, winters aa gayi. And with it a plethora of lifestyle changes will ensue. And it goes without saying that there are some winter things, that are unique to us desi folks.  

1. Forget nutella and peanut butter, gudpatti/chikki wins desi winters like anything.

Binging on peanut chikki is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of winters. A dessert liked by us kiddos and adults alike, chikki is one of the sweetest memories of sardi.


2. Smell of naphthalene balls, when mom unpacks winter clothes, is the signature of winter arrival.

I mean forget rajnigandha and chameli, it is the smell of naphthalene balls all over the place that signals winters are here. On a decided Sunday, mom unpacks previous year's winter clothes, and stuffs the summer ones inside.

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3. Winter is the official gaajar ka halwa season, bayibae.

Sure, nowadays you can find gaajar ka halwa in sweet shops, regardless of which season it is. But there's something about savoring this hot and delicious dessert during winters, amirite?

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4. We try out all the chemistry formulas to melt coconut oil in the Parachute bottle.

Discovering that the oil melts if you hold the bottle in your palms for 2 minutes or so, was a pure delight of our childhood days.


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5. Wearing monkey cap with a shawl is legit street fashion.

Say what you will, but where else will you find this unique pairing of clothes?

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6. Heating water on a stove to take a bath, instead of getting that geyser/heating rod repaired.

We'll get it repaired next time, pakka.

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7. Boro Plus is the solution to everything chapped, cracked & dry.

Sardi se suraksha. Remember?

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8. Kapdo ko dhoop dikhana instead of washing them, because, well, it does work.

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9. Nothing beats the community feeling of ‘aag sekna’ with family at home, or even with random people on the streets.

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10. Chai sutta attains a whole new level of significance in winters.

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11. Daadi’s handwoven embroidered sweaters are still the comfiest and coziest thing in our wardrobe.

A scarf, a pair of gloves, or a sweater, we all still possess that one hand-knitted piece of woolens, that we'd never had the heart to throw out.

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12. One tikki of makkhan on everything, every day.

Mom: *Pours an ounce of ghee in my dal*

Also, mom: Kitna mota ho gaya hai.

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13. Methi aloo is hands down the food of the devil.

I mean, why would anyone do that to potatoes?

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14. Moongfali, chana, and makhane are the designated winter chakna with or without alcohol.

Binging on moongfali and sunbathing - this is how the average of us spent our winters, when we were still kids. 

15. Getting razaayi beaten up good, in order to level the stuffing.

Every year, before winters start kicking in, dad sends the razaayi for dhunaai. And we see our otherwise bland rooms, getting a pop of colour with awesome razaayi covers.

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What else you got?