Wait! Don't throw away your old worn-out denim jeans just yet. Here are 15 innovative ways in which you can re-use and re-purpose your denims. You can thank me later. 

1. Make a chic skirt out of your old jeans.

2. Hold on to hot utensils with denim potholders.

3. How about a small denim purse? 

4. Get those 'wows' with denim chokers or bracelets. 

5. Make cushion covers with your old jeans. 

6. Keep your fruits or cosmetics in a denim basket. 

7. Impress your guests with denim table mats.

8. Make your friends jealous with a stylish denim backpack.  

9. Give your personal diary a new denim cover. 

10. Wrap your wine in a denim wine bag. 

11. Cut your jeans to make stylish summer shorts.

12. Make a cute denim apron and enjoy cooking in style. 

13. Give your sofa a makeover with denim covers.

14. Don't buy a laptop bag, make a denim one instead. 

15. Impress your guests with denim coasters.  

Don't let your denims go to waste! Please?